Kevin Jackon

Kevin “Showboat”Jackson Hometown: Harlem, New York
College:  Central Connecticut State University
Height: 6’ 6”

The Harlem Superstars are proud to have a ten year veteran comedian on our team, Kevin "Showboat" Jackson. He has entertained millions of people across the country for years. Kevin's bright smile and charismatic comedy is an attraction for many families. Showboat began his basketball career on the streets of Harlem, New York. He is truly, in every sense of the word, a Harlem Superstar!

A person faces many distractions growing up in one of the biggest cities in the world, but that did not stop Showboat! Upon graduating from high school, he chose to go to college and play basketball. Because of his athleticism and basketball abilities, Kevin was heavily recruited by many Division One schools. He carefully chose Central Connecticut State University. It was in college where Kevin realized his ability to make people smile because he was always the person entertaining his classmates with his antics and jokes.

After college, Showboat pursued his dream of playing professional basketball. He started in Greece, where he toured with a team of American basketball players who were trying to land pro jobs. Unfortunately this overseas trip did not work out. He continued on his life's journey by returning to the USA, and was fortunate enough to participate in Spike Lee's movie, He's Got Game, starring Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics. After Showboat filmed the movie in New York, he went to an NBA Invitational Basketball Camp in Newtown, Connecticut. The camp was run by famed Sports Agent Larry Giallim. Showboat played well at the NBA camp, but did not get invited to any NBA teams. It was at the camp where he met Ricky "7-Footer" Lopes. Ricky quickly recognized that Showboat had an ability to make people laugh. Wasting no time, Ricky "7-Footer" Lopes invited Showboat to try out with a comedy basketball team that he was playing on. Showboat was an instant Superstar; he found his true passion in life, which was to entertain and make the lives of millions of people better.

After many years of practice, Showboat has developed a half court, no-look-over-the-head shot, which is truly amazing to see. Many of our fans marvel at his expertise in making this shot from half court. Kevin Jackson now lives in Hartford, Connecticut, but is one of Harlem, New York's Finest, and is someone to be proud of.

Lessons learned for kids and parents: Showboat was turned down twice from playing professional basketball, but he did not give up! He realized that he was good at entertaining and definitely found a job that he truly loves. Never give up on your dreams! Find something you're good at and go for it!


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